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Dear Garter Brides

Have you ever faced a similar situation? What advice would you give this woman for feeling better and moving on?

Dear Garter Brides,

I’m 43 years old and my husband of 25 years has just left me. I had no idea he was going to leave and I am devastated. Both my kids are in college and my family has been my whole life. He’s the only man I ever dated. I don’t feel like getting back into the dating world now, but I hope eventually I will.  What can I do to make myself feel better? I feel such a total failure.

Divorced: Where Did My Friends Go?

Here’s the latest blog by The Garter Brides for The Huffington Post:

Divorce is not just the breakup of the marriage, but a reconfiguration of the relationships that surround it. We all have married friends that we know and love — friends that we’ve shared our lives with — but when divorce enters the picture, the friendships change.

Friends will take sides; it’s only natural. But it’s hurtful when a couple you care about suddenly treats you like you have the plague.

When we interviewed women for our book “Love For Grown-ups,” we heard dozens of complaints. Recent divorcees hosted dinners and invited married couples and their kids, and it was never reciprocated.

Here are four ways to keep your friendships alive post-split:

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